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Who Cares About the Royal Wedding?

It baffles me that millions of Americans will be tuning into the so-called “Royal Wedding” of Prince William and Kate.  Two individuals who don’t know you exist are getting married. Who cares? What about this particular  wedding is preeminent?  Why is that we regard an event, that quite frankly does not really impact us, with such high significance while ignoring far more momentous issues taking place around the world (the revolution in the Middle East being one of these issues). Our priorities are wrong to say the least. However, priorities is only one contributing factor to this obsession with royal individuals who are believed to posses some sort of omnipotence many individuals desire to have.  There is a romanticized dream individuals, especially women, strive to possess. This dream of one day being swept off their feet by their prince/princess. People fail to realize that royalty-that is having the status of a king or queen-is not a quintessential status. The chances of meeting, let alone marrying, someone of “royal” class is almost impossible. So why obsess over it? Be grateful for who you are and do not use others as a measure of greatness or even royalty.